Snow on the Outer Banks!




Yesterday (1.20.09) brought a rare occurrence to the Outer Banks; snow! 


A winter storm hung over OBX for most of the day, depositing a layer of snow about 1-2 inches thick. 


The Outer Banks world slowed a bit as people took advantage of the winter wonderland. 


Wright Brother's Monument - Snow & Sledding     Outer Banks (OBX) snow      Snow at Wright Brother's Monument

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4 comments on “Snow on the Outer Banks!
  1. Sarah says:

    I never thought I would see snow at the beach! How beautiful! We really only get to the Outer Banks in the warm weather so this is great to see. Thanks for posting it.

  2. Bill says:

    Hi, My son called to tell me about the snow. He lives in KDH and said he thought your website might have some pictures. thanks for showing them

  3. Jessica Young says:

    When I attended Manteo HS in 1978 – 1980. We got a storm that dropped 18 inches of snow, had 80 mile per hours winds which bent the top of the ferris wheel and blew out the Hardee’s sign; and damaged the bridege connecting Manteo and Nags Head from the ice floe in the sound.
    it also had lightning and thunder. Ask anyone over 40 that was there they would remember.

  4. Thanks for taking a look at the blog Jessica.

    Wow, 18 inches of snow on the Outer Banks! That’s amazing.

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Love this time of year.... Photo from this afternoon on the oceanfront in Corolla. // #iloveobx #outerbanks #obx #visitnc #vacation #fall
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Love this time of year.... Photo from this afternoon on the oceanfront in Corolla. // #iloveobx #outerbanks #obx #visitnc #vacation #fall

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