Outer Banks Harley Davidson Dealership

Kitty Hawk Harley  The Outer Banks is better known for gorgeous beaches than gorgeous motorcycles, but it seems these two objects of affection have a lot in common.


The same qualities that make the Outer Banks a great beach vacation also create a great opportunity for a bike trip.  OBX is a great environment for a motorcycle road trip; beautiful natural scenery, long stretches of road that run along the beach, mild weather, and great local businesses that are very friendly to bikers.  The Outer Banks’ biker-friendly environment is highlighted by the upcoming Outer Banks Bike Week in April. 


Another highlight of the growing Outer Banks motorcycle culture is the great success of the local Harley Davidson dealership.  Maurice Slaughter, who is the owner of four dealerships in Northeastern North Carolina and Southeast Virginia, has created some of the top Harley Davidson dealerships in the nation.  His story is particularly unique due to the fact that he is the first African American Harley Davidson store owner in the history of the company.  Through hard work and dedication, he has succeeded in building some of the most successful stores in the Harley Davidson world.  Both his Portsmouth and Kitty Hawk Stores place in the top 10 in the nation for 2008.  It is said that his Bayside megastore in Portsmouth is a must see for any motorcycle enthusiast. Slaughter attributes much of his success to his family upbringing and his education at Southern University in Louisiana.  


The Outer Banks Bike Week is just around the corner, and great vacation rentals are still available.


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Tonight's light show on the Outer Banks. It's so beautiful here! #iloveobx #obx #outerbanks #visitnc #sunset #winter #nc #northcarolina
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Tonight's light show on the Outer Banks. It's so beautiful here! #iloveobx #obx #outerbanks #visitnc #sunset #winter #nc #northcarolina

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