Share Your Opinion on the Outer Banks Plastic Bag Ban

There has been a lot of discussion since the ban on plastic shopping bags here in the Outer Banks. Many local businesses are claiming it is necessary to have plastic bags and they encourage the use of recycling those bags to their customers. Others believe this is a necessary step in protecting the natural environment here in the OBX, extending to our ocean, wildlife and reduced pollution.

But what do you think? Students from the Duke University Marine Lab in Beaufort are conducting an online survey on how citizens feel about the plastic bag ban in coastal counties. The Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce reports that the survey is part of a larger project researching environmental management.

Results of the survey will be published in a report, available on the Duke University website, but individual responses will not be published, the chamber said.

The bag ban went into effect in coastal areas of Dare, Currituck and Hyde counties in 2009 for larger retailers. It was expanded last year to include all retailers. This year a group of Republican lawmakers filed a bill to repeal the ban, claiming it has increased the use of paper bags which have their own effect on the environment, rather than encouraging the use of recyclable bags.

If you would like to give your opinion on the plastic bag ban, the survey can be found here.

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Jennette's Pier in Nags Head this evening. #iloveobx #outerbanks #obx #visitnc #vacation #nagshead #winter #nc #northcarolina

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