Highway 12 Makes Travel & Leisure’s List of Most Iconic Drives

Of course we know the Outer Banks is one of the most beautiful places on earth, but its always nice when people who have seen places all over America and the OBX is one of the most memorable. Travel and Leisure recently released a list of 32 of America’s Most Iconic Drives and the Outer Banks’ famous Highway 12 made the list.

“Linked together by ferry crossings, and never rising more than a few feet above sea level, Highway 12 skips along the series of barrier islands that form Cape Hatteras, separating the usually placid waters of Pamlico Sound from the frequently raging Atlantic Ocean. Though many sections were flooded and damaged by Hurricane Irene, Highway 12 is an unforgettable drive, winding past sand dunes, landmark lighthouses, and historic villages.’

Although Highway 12 did see alot of damage during Irene, we are lucky enough to have parts of it back open and access to Hatteras Island restored. If you aren’t to far away, nothing beats a fall trip down to Cape Hatteras National Seashore or Pea Island. The scenery is absolutely beautiful and the fishing is excellent during  the fall. If you want to wait until summer make sure you plan on checking out some of the great hang gliding and kite surfing outfitters along Highway 12.

Here is a neat video of some of the early recovery efforts in Hatteras from the air, not long after Hurricane Irene hit the Outer Banks.

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2 comments on “Highway 12 Makes Travel & Leisure’s List of Most Iconic Drives
  1. Kim Reedy says:

    Adam its a lot to be said for you and your families character on being Island people that care about each other…people aren’t always in unity…I really feel the future holds a lot for OBX becoming more popular…ITS ALREADY THE BEST !!! IN MY OPINION !!! Get ready for a promising future of being even more popular I feel this ….so get ready you guys …and I think your unity is a big key to more success !!! Take care and believe its coming…Kim : ) OH THANKS FOR VIDEOS AND UPDATE ON HATTERAS …I LOVE THE ENTIRE OBX…AND YOU GUYS ROCK !!!

  2. Kim Reedy says:

    Hey guys I also liked the music w/ the video… Whitney you did awesome !!!

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