Outer Banks Infographic: How to Forecast the Weather

The other day I posted the first installment in our new blog series, Outer Banks Infographic. It is a nifty little picture of the benefits of renting an Outer Banks vacation home vs. hotels.

As a quick refresher, here’s how wikipedia defines an infographic:

Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge. These graphics present complex information quickly and clearly.

Basically, it’s a lot of information boiled down into a pretty picture so knuckle-heads like me can understand it.

As I mentioned in the previous post, we are going to create a whole bunch of original Outer Banks infographics to share with you, but in addition, we’re going to share some great one’s that we come across in our online hunting.

Today’s Outer Banks infographic is one that I found while hunting. So we can’t take credit for creating it, but we’ll take credit for sharing it. :)

It focuses on how to forecast the weather without gadgets, and I have to say that I am super excited about this one.

The Outer Banks has some awesome weather, and being fortunate to call the OBX home gives me the opportunity to experience these often mystifying weather patterns on a daily basis.

I’ve promised myself numerous times that I would become better at understanding the daily OBX weather. It’s fun to understand nature and the world around us, but it will also give me a chance to get a jump on great surf conditions.

Unfortunately, as many times as I’ve made this promise to myself, I’ve never really followed through on it. Sure, I can tell you what direction the wind is blowing, but how hard is that when you’re standing on the beach – i.e. the furthest point east?

So, today’s Outer Banks infographic is right up my alley. I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time. Thank you inforgraphic gods (and DailyInfographic.com).

Let’s get to some weather forecasting! Enjoy…

PS – If this one is a little small to read, you can use the above link to see an enlarged version.

Outer Banks Infographic: How to Forecast Weather

Outer Banks Infographic: How to Forecast Weather

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2 comments on “Outer Banks Infographic: How to Forecast the Weather
  1. Kim Reedy says:

    Hey Adam the infographic weather is really interesting !!! My congrats to Ms Mayo on her talent and Book !!! And your little dude as you said its a cute picture !!! Wish you could of had the Little Princess on there too. I’m sure your very proud …Kim : )

  2. Kim Reedy says:

    The pictures are GREAT !! Kim : )

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Tonight's light show on the Outer Banks. It's so beautiful here! #iloveobx #obx #outerbanks #visitnc #sunset #winter #nc #northcarolina
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Tonight's light show on the Outer Banks. It's so beautiful here! #iloveobx #obx #outerbanks #visitnc #sunset #winter #nc #northcarolina

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