Outer Banks Everyday Magic: Spring’s First Boat Trip

Outer Banks Everyday Magic: Spring Boat Trip

Outer Banks Everyday Magic: Spring Boat Trip

Spring is definitely in the air on the Outer Banks. Birds are chirping, the warm sun is shining, flowers are showing their pretty little faces, and temps will top out close to 70 today!

And today is the first day that I’ve noticed the unmistakable smell of spring in the air. Love it! Definitely a candidate for one of the best days of the year.

We’re a few days early, but I’m declaring that spring has officially started on the OBX. Sorry Punxsutawney Phil, but you should subscribe to our blog for declartions of OBX spring (hint – you can subscribe in the top right corner. :))

So, to celebrate, I have the perfect OBX Everday Magic story to share. A great tale of the first boat trip of the spring from Ms. Jenn. Enjoy…

It’s true, the Outer Banks is a remarkable place to live and vacation. I was born and raised here, and I chose to continue my adult life here with my fiancé and two beautiful daughters. I can’t imagine being anywhere else.

Every day is magical from the “gnarly surf conditions”, “erratic, yet methodical rhythm” of the ocean, hidden treasures on our beaches and ocean, and much more that I could go on for pages about, but I’ll share some more personal magic.

My magic begins with a short boat ride as the weather starts gets warm.

Usually the day begins with the chaos of packing for a day at the beach, only we’re not going to the beach where everyone else will be.

We are running around the house grabbing beach towels and sun screen. I tell my girls “find your bathing suits” – this can be a project after being hidden all winter. Don’t forget the buckets and shovels and little sand toys to build a sand castle. Grab a cooler for the drinks and another bag for snacks, and we’re off for the day.

After a quick ride in the car to the boat dock, my family and I step onto our boat and start the assembly line to load our beach gear. My fiancé, Tracy, starts the boat and everyone takes their seat.

A slow ride through a creek with boats on one side and marsh as far as the eye can see on the other…I wish the “No Wake” area wasn’t so long. The kids are excited, and with the sun beating on our faces it takes me back to my childhood.

Outside the creek Tracy picks up speed and we’re off across the Sound…soon arriving to a private glimmering “sand island.”

The marsh grass along the back of the island sways from the light wind that always seems to be here. The newly made waves from our boat meet the shoreline before we do.

We all scurry to the bow of the boat and jump off to find our places on the sandy beach. Off come the cover-ups, and no sooner than you can blink your eye my daughters are running into the tea colored sound. The Sound is so much warmer than the ocean and much more shallow. Perfect for early spring trips with the kids.

Most days it’s our own private island with no one else in sight.  But on occasion some friends may find their way to the island, and so begins a whole other unexpected journey with cooking out on the grill or building a bonfire and camping out.

It’s amazing how far away from home you can feel laying on a towel, listening to the laughter of children and the swishing of the small waves (more like ripples) as they reach the shore. In just a short few hours and the calmness that surrounds you can make you feel like you’ve spent a week at private resort.

One of the most magical aspects of the OBX is the vast unexplored nooks and crannies. With a little adventuring, your private resort awaits.

Seems like the perfect way to spend a spring day on the Outer Banks. Magic indeed.

I’d love to hear your story of Outer Banks Everyday Magic too. Please use the form below to share your story with me.

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Tonight's light show on the Outer Banks. It's so beautiful here! #iloveobx #obx #outerbanks #visitnc #sunset #winter #nc #northcarolina
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Tonight's light show on the Outer Banks. It's so beautiful here! #iloveobx #obx #outerbanks #visitnc #sunset #winter #nc #northcarolina

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