Watch the Outer Banks Ocean Currents – NASA’s Gorgeous Ocean Current Animation

NASA - "Perpetual Ocean"

NASA - "Perpetual Ocean"

Yesterday I posted an amazing wind map that gives a gorgeous visual to the winds on the Outer Banks.

The wind map is at the top of my list of favorite new websites. But the map lacks a crucial OBX natural ingredient; the ocean. The map is only focused on the land.

So what does the movement of the ocean look like?

Thank you NASA for providing the answer. Here’s an equally mesmerizing and beautiful animation of ocean currents around the world. NASA has dubbed this “Perpetual Ocean.”

Enjoy being hypnotized by the Gulf Steam flowing past the Outer Banks.

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Colorful sunrise this morning on Hatteras Island. // Photo by @awesomeaustn // #iloveobx #outerbanks #obx #visitnc #vacation #sunrise #fall #nc #northcarolina
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Colorful sunrise this morning on Hatteras Island.  // Photo by @awesomeaustn // #iloveobx #outerbanks #obx #visitnc #vacation #sunrise #fall #nc #northcarolina

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