Outer Banks Blue Mind: We NEED Your Help

Outer Banks Blue Mind

Outer Banks Blue Mind

It’s official. The BLUEMiND2 conference is coming to the Outer Banks. And we could not be more excited!

Here’s the official Blue Mind 2 webpage to prove it. :)

June 4th and 5th at Jennette’s Pier will be an amazing Blue Mind experience. Let me paint a quick mental image…

A national group of top neuroscientists meeting on the Outer Banks to discuss the amazing positive effects that the Outer Banks has to our health and happiness; including data points from the first study of its kind – focused on the Outer Banks – all while overlooking the ocean at the brand new, “green”/ocean-minded Jennette’s Pier.

The perfect Blue Mind environment.

To help get us in the mood, let’s take a quick break to watch this 3 minute video that Nautica created about J and the Blue Mind conference…

J’s a pretty cool cat, right? And the Blue Mind ideas make soooo much sense.

So, back to the BLUEMiND2 on the OBX…

It is very exciting to have some big pieces of the planning in place:

Those are all big accomplishments, but we have a long way to go. This is a big undertaking with a lot of logistics wrangle. All of the hard work will be well worth the effort, but for now, our “working hats” are still firmly fixed to our heads.

This is a grassroots effort – i.e. no major funding source is backing this project. This means that all of the funding to make this OBX dream a reality must be raised by the efforts of the small team organizing this one-of-a-kind event.

Does it feel like you’re about to get a sales pitch? Sorry about that, but yes, I need to be a bit salesy here.

WE NEED YOUR HELP to bring the Blue Mind to the OBX. Every little bit helps…and every big bit helps even more. :) There are quite a few expenses to cover, and very limited funds to stretch as far as we can.

Below is an overview of the event and the benefits of partnering with us to bring the event to the OBX.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at adam@seasiderealty.com.

As a quick overview, here’s a bulleted list of ideas, and below is a more in-depth explanation.

Quick Overview:

  • We have teamed up with the founder of Blue Mind to conduct a pilot study demonstrating the neuroscience connection between the Outer Banks (really oceans as a whole) and happiness/wellbeing.
  • We have partnered with Jennette’s Pier to bring the BLUEMiND2 conference to the Outer Banks on June 4 & 5, 2012.
  • We are currently looking for sponsors to help support this great cause.
  • Depending on the sponsorship level, we are able to offer:
    • Inclusion in a national PR campaign
    • Exposure on print material
    • Links on the official BLUEMiND2 webpage
    • Links an exposure on blog posts and social media

That short explanation doesn’t come close to giving the ideas justice. So, if you have a couple minutes to spend on a great cause, let’s dig a little deeper.


In December, I came across an interesting article in Outside magazine that caught my attention. The article is probably the best overview that I could give. It is the cover story, took three years in the editing/vetting process to make it to the magazine, and was written over the course of a year; so it’s a well researched story.

The subject of the story is a PhD biologist, Wallace “J” Nichols, that has a specialty with sea turtles, but has recently expanded his focus to include the neuroscience behind the positive effects the ocean has on everyone that comes into contact with it. The basic gist of the message is that the ocean can make us (all) happy – and there is MIT caliber neuroscience that can help prove this theory.

It is an awesome message that I think anyone that loves the Outer Banks can immediately connect with.

After reading the article, I contacted J and had a chance to talk with him at length. He spent some of his schooling at the Duke Marine Lab and loves the Outer Banks.

Here are two pieces of media that will give you a good overview:

  1. Here’s a video that Nautica created discussing J and his ideas.
  2. Outside magazine cover story.

The Opportunity:

Over the past few months, J and I have brainstormed some ideas, and there is a strong opportunity to leverage J’s message for the Outer Banks.

This is relatively “cutting edge” science, and J is having trouble getting funding for research. He held his first conference centered around the ideas in June 2011 (Blue Mind Summit), and the neuroscience community is showing interest. Research could be on the way, but for now it is just grassroots. This is an opportunity for the Outer Banks to get involved with a powerful message at the ground level.

Pilot Study

J and I are working on the first round of targeted research (i.e. a pilot study) focused on the Outer Banks. A study to offer scientific evidence that the Outer Banks makes us happy and healthy! An incredible message with a huge potential for national media attention – especially considering we will be the first coastal community to share these ideas and offer such evidence.

Blue Mind 2 conference

Beyond a pilot study, J and I are bringing the BlueMind2 conference on the Outer Banks in June (which happens to be national & international ocean awareness month). Jennette’s Pier is reserved for June 4 & 5, 2012.  – the Outer Banks beat out Stanford University as the site for the conference.

The potential for media attention could be huge. And if we can arrange the Outer Banks pilot study in time, Outer Banks data will be discussed at the conference.

To paint a quick picture; a national group of top neuroscientists meeting on Outer Banks to discuss the amazing positive effects that the Outer Banks has to our health and happiness; including data points from the first study of its kind – focused on the Outer Banks – all while overlooking the ocean at the brand new, “green”/ocean-minded Jennette’s Pier.

A powerful message – with the potential to be a nationally recognized message with a huge upside for the Outer Banks and all participating sponsors.


I’m hoping you are interested in the potential to partner/sponsor to help spread the Blue Mind message.

If you would like to be a part of these revolutionary ideas, please feel free to reach out to me at adam@seasiderealty.com.

Update: Here’s the sponsorship info:

  • Checks should be made to: LiVBLUE/The Ocean Foundation
  •  Tax deductible
  •  Sent to:
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