14 Adorable Valentine’s Day Craft and Decor Ideas

14 Adorable Valentine's Day Craft and Decor Ideas

With the NFL playoffs coming to an end Sunday, it’s almost time to start thinking about Valentine’s Day!

I love decorating for Valentine’s Day. There isn’t a ton of stuff to drag out, all the decor is just so darn cute, and it’s the one time of year I get to decorate with lots of girly colors.

So if you want to get a head start on some cute Valentine’s Day crafts or decor, check out our list of some super cute, lovely Valentine projects — that we just had to share.

From kid-friendly crafts to modern Valentine’s Day decor, we think you’ll absolutely love these 14 adorable Valentine’s Day craft ideas.

14 Fun Valentine's Day Crafts - Paint Swatch Bunting

Paint Chip Garland

Head to your local hardware store and pick up some free paint swatches to create this colorful Valentine’s bunting. Besides being 100% free, you can use any color combination and any phrase your little heart desires.

14 Fun Valentine's Day Crafts - Valentine Mailbox2

Valentine Mailbox

I saw this idea on Pinterest a few years ago and thought it was the bees knees. I knew immediately that I had to make two for my little ones. We usually put them out about a week before Valentine’s Day so we can leave thoughtful little notes before the big day.
I found one of our mailboxes at the Dollar Spot in Target and the other I found at Michaels. I decided to personalize each mailbox using a sticker with the first letter of my child’s name for an extra special touch. The stickers are also from Michaels. I was able to find the candlesticks at our local Goodwill. After spray painting them black, I glued them to the bottom of the mailboxes with a hot glue gun.
Aren’t they adorable?
14 Fun Valentine's Day Crafts - Valentine Tea Cup and Saucer

Valentine Tea Cup & Saucer

Create this super sweet cup and saucer set using nothing but a Sharpie marker and your favorite sentiments.

14 Fun Valentine's Day Crafts - Valentine Snow Globe

Valentine Snow Globe

Snow globes are one of my most favorite things. If I could keep them out all year (instead of just at Christmas), I would. There’s just something about the snow swirling around inside that is so magical and dreamlike (The beautiful music doesn’t hurt either.)  And since my children seem to share my fascination with snow globes, I’ve decided that we’ll make a few of these for my daughter’s preschool friends for Valentine’s Day.

14 Fun Valentine's Day Crafts - Paper Hug

Paper Hug

How cute is this little guy?! When you can’t show your love in person on Valentine’s Day, this paper hug will do the job! A classic craft for Valentine’s day, this paper hug makes a great valentine to pop in the mail to someone you love.

14 Fun Valentine's Day Crafts - Heart Sun Catcher

Heart Sun Catchers

Using just a few simple items, your children will have fun making these heart sun catchers to hang up for Valentine’s Day.

14 Fun Valentine's Day Crafts - Valentine Marbled Salt Dough

Valentine Marbled Salt Dough

Perfect for kids of all ages, the real fun in this Valentine craft is mixing up all the colors to achieve the marbled effect.

14 Fun Valentine's Day Crafts - Heart Kitchen Towel

Heart Kitchen Towel

This super cute hand towel is a quick, half hour project that will add a little color to your kitchen this Valentine’s Day.

14 Fun Valentine's Day Crafts - Valentine Rag Heart Wreath

Valentine Rag Heart Wreath

This super easy DIY wreath will spruce up your front door for Valentine’s Day.

14 Fun Valentine's Day Crafts - Easy Valentine Glitter Canvas

Easy Valentine’s Day Glitter Canvas

If you’ve been following any of my DIY or craft posts, then you know I love glitter. And sparkly things. What can I say? My favorite color is glitter.  That’s why I love this Valentine’s Day craft. Not only is it super easy, but it will dress up your mantel with a little bit of V-Day love in no time at all.

14 Fun Valentine's Day Crafts - Felt Heart Valentine Trees

Felt Heart Valentine Trees

Warning: These oh-so-cute little felt Valentine trees are so adorable, you’ll want to keep them on display all year.

14 Fun Valentine's Day Crafts - Salt Dough Heart Magnets

Salt Dough Heart Magnets

These cute salt dough heart magnets are a Valentine’s craft that is is easy, cheap to make, useful, and pretty.

14 Fun Valentine's Day Crafts - Valentine Potato Stamping

Valentine Potato Stamping

Using potatoes, you can make some cute Valentine-inspired stamps. From X’s to O’s to simple hearts, you can use your potato stamps to play a fun game of tic-tac-toe, or even to make your own fun Valentine’s cards.

14 Fun Valentine's Day Crafts - LOVE Canvas

L-O-V-E & Fingerprint Tree Painting

We’re giving you a two-for-one with this project! My kids LOVE painting…so I thought what better way to get some cheap, quick Valentine’s art for our home than letting them get creative with some pink, red, and white finger paint?

I let my two-year-old work on the L-O-V-E painting and my six year old son did the heart-shaped fingerprint tree painting. They both had a wonderful time…and I got some pretty cute artwork from my budding pint-sized Picassos. :)

To make the L-O-V-E painting, I simply used painter’s tape to create the letters and the heart. After firmly pressing the tape to the canvas, I let my daughter have at it with finger paint. Once the paint was dry, I carefully removed the tape from the canvas and…voila!

For the fingerprint tree painting, what you see is what you get. I let my son paint the brown tree trunk with a paint brush; we waited for it to dry and then he used his fingertips to create the heart shaped “leaves” on the tree.

Do you have a favorite Valentine’s craft you’ll be attempting this year? In my opinion, you can never have or make too many Valentine’s Day crafts or decor items. I mean, with a holiday that celebrates LOVE, why wouldn’t you want to embrace all that it stands for? And get some cute decor out of it as well? :)


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