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Holiday Festivities in Manteo

Manteo, North Carolina

With the holiday season upon us, we’d like to focus on upcoming festive events in the charming town of Manteo. Incorporated in 1899, Manteo is named after a local Croatan chief who became well renowned for helping the first English settlers

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Outer Banks History: Happy Birthday Virginia Dare!

History is an interesting phenomenon. Not only does it tend to be told by the victors, but I’m also realizing it tends to be pretty regional. As any detective can tell you, no two stories are the same. Everyone sees

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Outer Banks History: OBX Native American Heritage

For July’s Outer Banks history lesson, we’re going to focus on the OBX’s true locals; Native Americans. It’s funny how history works. The “victors” definitely write the stories offering their side of the events. Sure, in 1492 Columbus sailed the

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Outer Banks Link Love: 5.4.12 – Overflowing with Links…& Love.

A gorgeous Friday afternoon with a great OBX weekend on tap – the perfect time for our weekly Outer Banks Link Love ritual. The links are overflowing this week, so let’s get down to business. Charter Boat Runs Aground The

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Outer Banks Infographic: Have You Ever?!

Another round of Outer Banks Infographic love. Pretty pictures and great OBX info. As I’ve mentioned, we’re spreading the Outer Banks Infographic love with a mix of originals and groovy infographics we stumble across while hunting online. And today we are bringing you an absolute

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Outer Banks Link Love: 1.6.12 – Welcome to the Love

I have a small confession to make. My name is Adam, and I’m addicted to blogging. Oh, this isn’t Bloggers Anonymous? My bad. Anywho, I love everything about blogs; writing, reading, learning, feeling connected to the authors. It is amazing how

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First Movie in North Carolina Shot on the Outer Banks Tells the Story of the Lost Colony

The staged performance of “The Lost Colony” will soon open (May 27th) for its 74th year on the Outer Banks – started in 1937! But before the curtain rises for opening night, a new tale is being discovered. The News

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Another marvelous evening on the Outer Banks. Photo from the Waterfront Shops on the soundside in Duck by @untuckedobx #iloveobx #outerbanks #obx #visitnc #vacation #sunset #fall #nc #northcarolina
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Another marvelous evening on the Outer Banks. Photo from the Waterfront Shops on the soundside in Duck by @untuckedobx #iloveobx #outerbanks #obx #visitnc #vacation #sunset #fall #nc #northcarolina

For a limited time, flash frozen pumpkin donuts from our friends @duckdonuts are available for purchase online at We've already eaten our fair share of pumpkin donuts this fall. =) #iloveobx #outerbanks #obx #visitnc #fall #duckdonut

The beach in Nags Head this morning. I didn't see another person within a mile of either side of me. Fall on the Outer Banks! // #iloveobx #outerbanks #obx #visitnc #vacation #nagshead #fall #nc #northcarolina

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